Well Pump Installation and Repair

If you live in the more rural parts of New Hampshire where city water does not reach, there will be a time sooner or later when you’ll need well pump installation and repair. Living out away from the city has its advantages. There are also different problems than those that crop up in the city from time to time.

One of those issues may be your well pump.

This is the pump that brings water from underground into your house for all the purposes you have for water. It’s quite a bit different from hooking up to a city water supply. There are a lot of parts that require careful maintenance and occasional repair or replacement.

That’s when you need the services of a professional. For well pump installation and repair,Paul the Plumber in Derry, NH, is that professional.

If you have any of these, or other, problems with your well pump, Paul the Plumber can help:

  • No or low water flow
  • Leak in piping system
  • Pump starting and stopping frequently
  • Water pressure drops
  • Lost air in the water tank
  • Water pressure control or water pump control switch sticking on or off

Well pumps can be complex systems. Paul the Plumber can inspect your system, determine the issues behind your problems, and make the necessary repairs.

Your well pump should last several years. With proper maintenance and repairs done as needed, it will serve you well and provide the water your family needs. For well pump installation and repair, call Paul the Plumber in Derry, NH, today to schedule an inspection. Call 1-866-437-7039 today!


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