Hot Water Heater Replacement

It Might Be Time For Hot Water Heater Replacement

In your home you will find one of two types of water heaters: gas or electric. If you have an electric water heater it can be used anywhere. A gas water heater is primarily installed in a home which already has gas for other appliances.

If you are replacing an existing water heater you will more than likely replace it with the same type of unit. However you can upgrade if your space allows.

Reasons to replace a water heater:

  • Your existing unit is broken
  • You want to upgrade
  • Your family is growing and so too are your needs
  • Your energy bills are too high and you need a more efficient unit

When replace a water heater you should consider the following:

  • The gallon capacity (the average water heater is 40 gallons or 50 gallons)
  • The recovery rate (this refers to the number of gallons that can be heated in one hour)
  • The dimensions (you need to ensure the new heater will fit into the physical space you have available)
  • The energy efficiency rating (your replacement water heater will have a sticker located on the side which lists the average cost for operation)

Before you replace your water heater be sure to call on our team of professionals at Paul The Plumber to verify the nameplate of your existing unit so that you can find information about the model and serial number, insulation R-value, installation guidelines, tank capacity, and working pressure.

Every day we provide the highest quality replacement services to local residents so you can rest assured that your new hot water heater will be the right match for your needs and will be installed quickly!

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