Hot Water Heater Leaks

If you are faced with hot water heater leaks you need to call Paul The Plumber immediately. If left unchecked hot water heater leaks can result not only in further damage to your plumbing system but a drastic increase in your water bill.

Most people are unaware that they have a leak in their water line and need to repair water line parts until they receive an unusually high water bill. Or if they or someone else notice a spot in the yard which is wetter than the rest.

Your hot water heater leak may be caused by a variety of issues including…


 Worn valves and gaskets


 A rusted or broken water heater tank


 An improperly sized water heater

When you call us to schedule an appointment our team of professionals will talk over the problem with you to provide an initial diagnosis on the phone and then an estimate for the cost of repairs.

Once this is done we will arrive on site with the tools and replacement parts required. We will then ensure our initial diagnosis was correct and begin the repair in a fast and effective manner.

By conducting the hot water heater repair with professionals from our plumbing service you can save a lot of money. If something you have is outdated we can help by offering an array of the newest replacements.

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