Faucet Repair/Replacements

Faucet Leaks Fixed In No Time

Faucet leaks can not only add to your water bill, but cause a myriad of inconveniences. The most common reasons for a faucet leak is:

  • Corrosion
  • Defective gaskets
  • Defective washers
  • Defective o-rings
  • Mineral deposits located on the internal parts

If you ignore a simple faucet leak it can turn what would be a $200 repair into a $1000 repair.
Some problems only require a slight repair, whereas others may require a complete replacement of your faucet.

When you may need a repair:



Your O-ring can become loose or become worn after time, which will cause dripping near the handle of your faucet.


  Corroded Valve Seat

The valve seat connects the faucet to the spout located inside of the compression mechanism. If water sediment accumulates it can cause corrosion here which causes leaks around the spout.


  Worn Out Washer

There is a washer in your faucet which is forced against the valve seat each time you use it. This creates constant resistance and friction which eventually wears on the washer.


  Improper Washer Installation

If your washer is not the right size, or it was not properly installed, it can also create a leak.


  Loose Parts

Packing nuts and the adjusting ring can become loose after continuous usage. This can cause leaking near the handle. You may need to tighten your packing nut or replace it entirely if this is the cause of your leaks.


  Worn Out Seals

Sediment may accumulate inside of the inlet and outlet seals which can cause them to wear. With our professional plumbing services, the water sediment can be cleared out regularly so that your faucet continues to function well.

When you may need a replacement:


  Worn Out Seals

If you neglect regular maintenance on your faucet and the water sediment builds inside of your inlet and outlet seals, you may have to replace them with duplicates in order to rectify the problem.


  Broken Plumbing

Your dripping faucet may be the result of broken pipes or broken fittings. If this is the case, then you should hire our expert services to check your water pipes.

Hot Water over 130 Degrees.

Your hot water heater being set too high can also be a cause of your dripping faucet.

Whatever the cause of your leak, it is crucial that you get it repaired quickly. If left unfixed, the problem will cost you much more than a good night’s sleep.  When you hire Paul The Plumber, we get the job done right the first time.

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