Boiler Repair

If you depend on a boiler as part of your home heating system, you know it can be one of the more expensive appliances installed in your home. And one you depend on in the cold winters in our part of the country.

You want to keep your boiler working at its best all the time. It’s a highly efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home. But at some time, your boiler will need repair.combi-boiler-installation

That’s where Paul the Plumber can help. We’ll bring the skill and expertise of Master Plumbers to any boiler repair we need to make. This level of professionalism helps us make sure your repairs are done right. If something goes wrong, we’ll service our work to make it right. No excuses.

You don’t have to worry about us trying something to see if it works. We’ll evaluate, diagnose, and repair. No guessing.

Since 2002, we’ve been serving Southern New Hampshire, The New Hampshire Seacoast, The Greater Manchester – Concord areas and as far north as the Lakes Region. Call us today at 1.866.437.7039 or 603.437.7039 to schedule a time for us to help you.

Not all boiler problems happen during “regular” working hours. Any time you have a problem with your boiler after hours, call 603.437.7039. We’ll get someone out right away.

However your boiler is powered, by natural gas or oil or propane or electricity, we can tackle the job of repairing it. When you ask us to come to your home to inspect and repair your boiler, our focus is on safety and dependability.

We’ll check the installation of your boiler system to detect leaks that may allow carbon monoxide into your home. We may even be able to recommend changes that could improve the circulation of the water in your system and increase the heating of your home. Hopefully, that would also lead to decreased utility costs with greater efficiency.

While we’re in your home completing the boiler repair, we’ll inspect the area around your boiler for things that may build up over time. Having items stored around your boiler may become a safety risk.

We’ll evaluate your older boiler to see whether replacing it may be a better option than repairing it. Upgrading your boiler may lead to decreased utility costs due to the increased efficiency of the new system, also.

Whatever your need, call Paul the Plumber for inspection and repair of your boiler. We also will set up a regular maintenance schedule with you to keep your boiler working at its best.

Call us today. Paul the Plumber at 1.866.437.7039 or 603.437.7039. Or look us up on the web and use our contact page. We’ll be available when you need us.

When you fill out our contact page on our web site, you can expect a response within one business day. If your town isn’t listed on our contact page, call 1.866.437.7039. We’ll send one of our professionals to you.

Don’t wait! Call today.

Paul Bears, owner.

Paul the Plumber

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